Vaughn Murphy’s PowerBooks!

March 30th, 2011 | BY JASON SAFIR
Join Vaughn Murphy in a journey of self-discovery

Join Vaughn Murphy in a journey of self-discovery

A collection of powerful interactive self-help artifacts designed to take immediate control of your mental, emotional, physical and financial destiny!

Let the unlimited power that lies sleeping within you slumber no more. Vaughn Murphy can inspire YOU to help you make the decisions that you ultimately desire most! Vaughn Murphy’s PowerBooks® technology is really simple to use which is why they have helped so many people! The moment you interact with one of Vaughn Murphy’s interactive books, you will immediately be joining him in a journey of discovery. You may navigate your journey with Vaughn by selecting a chapter from the menu system that you are particular interested in soaking in.

Each of Vaughn Murphy PowerBook® is fully-equipped with powerful multimedia chapters covering an array of topics in decision making, money-making, faith healing, spiritual therapy and modern medicine. You can conveniently carry any one of Vaughn Murphy’s PowerBooks®, anywhere with you, whenever you need a quick dose of inspiration. So make the most important decision in your life today by making a powerful investment toward one of Vaughn Murphy’s interactive self-help compilations!

Watch a Demo of Vaughn Murphy’s PowerBooks® in Action!

Watch Vaughn Murphy’s PowerBooks® seminar now!

Location furnished by New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts Interactive Telecommunications Program

In his empowering seminar addressing technology students and professors at New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, Vaughn Murphy provides a step-by-step program teaching the fundamental lessons of self-mastery that will enable you to discover your true purpose, take control of your life and harness the forces that shape your ultimate destiny!

Construction of Vaughn Murphy’s Power Books®

Touch resistance analog sensor values are calculated and processed in Max/MSP/Jitter. All books are coated with white gloss paint. LCD frames are hand-cuted to custom fit the screen.

Touch resistance analog sensor values are calculated and processed in Max/MSP/Jitter.

Vaughn’s revolutionary self-help delivering technology is delivered through powerful sophisticated touch-screen books. The books are equipped with maximum resolution LCD screens, and touch-sensitive sensors, which are all embedded within a cushioned-protected book casing. All books are coated with white gloss paint. LCD frames are hand-cuted to custom fit the screen.

Check out these EXCITING Testimonials!

“My life was a disorganized mess. I had a book that I wanted to write and I couldn’t get it out, and the thing that made the difference was Vaughn Murphy’s book! That was the thing that helped me write my book!” – Clay Shirky, Award Winning Technology Author

“It’s like a sparkle! Vaughn Murphy is a sparkle that entered my life!” – Ithai Benjamin, Artist

“He’s got that something … he could really inspire anybody he talks to!” – Corey Menscher, Technologist

“Vaughn gives you step-by-step guidance, as to how you can harness your personal power, so your unstoppable and really take control of your life!” – Marianna Petit, Animator

“Before I met Vaughn Murphy, I was just programming and programming, and there were bugs, and nothing seemed to worked. I couldn’t figure anything out! It was horrible … I couldn’t sleep! And then I met Vaughn Murphy and everything now I program in Processing is perfect and smooth and fluid, I can debug with ease!” – Daniel Shiffman, Programmer

Get It on with Vaughn this Summer!

Vaughn Murphy’s PowerBooks® are the first of many new releases from the self-help guru’s menu of ancillary products! Beginning May 1st 2011, Vaughn will be launching a MASSIVE web campaign where he will be publishing a new motivational talk and/or product infomercials every week onto his web site!

Attend one of Vaughn Murphy’s live motivational seminars this summer! Performance dates in New York City, Los Angeles and Montreal will be posted on May 1st on Vaughn Murphy’s new web site!