Light Sculpture

September 15th, 2008 | BY JASON SAFIR

For this week’s assignment my challenge was to use candles to convey a message. I first thought it would be interesting to compose the candles in letters that would reflect a word involving light, in this case “Lit”.

For my light sculpture, I chose to center an object around candles. I arranged the candles into a male symbol and placed a black formal shoe at the center. The shoe is iconic for materiality. Also, the shoe is glossy and is thus reflective from the light. The color black was the perfect choice.

Similar to the figure above, in this example I arranged a candles into a women’s symbol and depicted a high heel as the main subject. I feel this juxtaposition between the two example convey a strong message about the objectives of capitalism cultural hegemony. The use of candles and light projects made this interesting concept possible.