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Modern Living
Modern Living is a series of fifteen television parodies that mock various perspectives of television culture. The five-minute compilation pokes fun at our TV-addicted age by presenting a variety of imitated television programming and advertisements. These segments center around issues and themes that is relevant in our modern times including mass-consumption, obsession with stardom and ubiquitous technology.

The Puppetmaster
Whatever happens, just make sure that I don't fall.

An advertisement for a speaker company.

Eat plenty, then say grace.
Dusty Night
An allergic fantasy.
Rotating Pills
Living life with consequences.
Interactive Devin
The computer sees Devin, but Devin does not see the computer.
A prototype of a human typeface that performs.
The Seven Devins
Devin's got moves!

In Living Color
What the colors in my aura reveal.

MODERN LIVING...a web animation series that mocks various perspectives of media culture.
This is an on-going project that I am currently developing.
More ideas coming soon!